Dylan's Classroom Expectations

The most important thing that must take place everyday in my classroom is to be respectful to your classmates, your classroom, and your teacher. This means that I expect you to come to class to do your work and use your brain... everyday!

Use the 4 P's: Participate, Prompt, Prepared, Polite

  • Give your full attention by listening and participating in classroom activities

  • Be on time and fully prepared for class

  • Raise your hand

  • Take responsibility for your actions... Do your work!

Disciplinary Arrows:


  • If you leave class for an extended amount of time or if you leave within the first 10 minutes of class

Do Nothing:

  • If you are not working or not staying on task


  • Turn in your card to me. You (not your card) must be in class to be on time.


  • If I have to ask you more than once to stop talking. If I have to ask you several times to stop talking I will ask you to leave.


  • You must complete your projects with all the components of the project to receive full credit.

  • Project/quiz arrow will be given back only after work is completed.

  • Late work is accepted, but not for full credit/points.


  • You must leave for the remainder of the school day. You loose all your points after the period you receive an X

Cell Phones:

  • Permanently lost point. Do not use your phone in the building.


  • You have one week to earn back disciplinary arrows.
  • You can make up 3 points per class every session. One point equals 50 minutes of work.
  • If you earn 100% attendance and points at the end of each week (with no disciplinary arrows) you will earn an extra point towards your boxsheet at the end of the week.
  • Plagiarism = Staff Appeals. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE!
  • Remember Internet responsibility! If you don't, I will ask you to leave my class.