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Why must we choose?
Why must we choose?

  • This is our course website that will provide you with most, if not all, of the course assignments, projects, handouts, etc. that you will need throughout the next six weeks.
  • Please bookmark this page immediately (at home and at school) so you will always have access to it. It might be helpful to record the web address on your class folder (or somewhere that you won't lose it) just in case.

  • You can navigate through the site using the navigation bar on the left of the screen. It is on these links that you will find class assignments, instructions, projects, lessons, and any other information related to our course.

  • If you are ever absent from class, always be sure to check with me and the course website to see what you can do to get caught up.

  • You will be asked to complete assignments, participate in discussions and other activities on the course blog site